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Big Bay Publishing Inc.
Big Bay Publishing Inc. publishes books and a quarterly newsletter on association management,meeting rules, governance and other advice for the non-profit sector.

Call to Order
When the first edition of Call to Order by Herb Perry appeared in 1984, it met the very real need for meeting rules and procedures written specifically for non-profit organizations and not merely adapted from rules intended for Parliament or the U.S. Congress.

Call to Order was an immediate success. Between May 1984 and November 2003, it went through fourteen printings and was used and appreciated by numerous organizations and their members. Across the country, the rules and procedures of Call to Order were helping to increase the effectiveness of people in association meetings and thus their pleasure and satisfaction of working in and with associations.

In 2004, we decided — with the encouragement of colleagues and many long-time subscribers to The Association Consultants REPORT — that it was time for a Second Edition.

With the Second Edition, the rules have been updated and we have added sound advice drawn from our years of experience and interaction with volunteer boards of directors, members, and executive directors, as well as examples of best practices and successful problem-solving approaches.ORDER INFO

The Board - A Winning Team
Since it was first published in 1990, The Board — A Winning Team has helped thousands of new directors on boards of not-for-profit organizations. We are excited to announce the release of the Second Edition of this Canadian bestseller, which includes even more advice and guidance drawn from decades of consulting, management and volunteer experience.

Executive directors from all types of associations appreciate The Board — A Winning Team's straightforward, no nonsense approach to helping move a board from a group of relative strangers to an effective, productive team. Especially appreciated is the book's emphasis on the board-staff relationship and the clear distinction made between the roles and responsibilities of the executive director and paid staff and the volunteer board. Executive directors have told us, "the book explains the executive director's job, and that makes my job easier."   ORDER INFO

The Art of Chairing How to be an Effective Volunteer Leader of a Non-Profit Organization

Association presidents and board chairs will find a wealth of practical information, advice and tips in this book to help make their performance in their volunteer role rewarding for both the organization and themselves. The Art of Chairing: How to be an Effective Leader of a Non-Profit Organization is a companion book to Canadian bestsellers Call to Order: Meeting Rules, Procedures and Advice for Non-Profit Organizations and The Board – A Winning Team. It also draws on 30 years of articles published in The Association Consultants Report, our quarterly newsletter for association leaders.

Being an association president and chair is an honour and a privilege. It can also be challenging and frustrating, but with the right knowledge and understanding of roles and responsibilities, it can be very rewarding.

This book will help new presidents build and maintain enthusiasm and momentum among board members and other volunteers. It will help build skills in a variety of areas, including leadership, resolving conflicts, planning and communications. It provides tips and advice for leading productive and enjoyable association meetings.   ORDER INFO

Also available:

The Association Consultants REPORT, a quarterly newsletter of pointers and practical advice, tips and strategies for staff and elected leaders in non-profit organizations. Each issue explains, explores and comments on current happenings and trends, discusses best practices and approaches, and provides useful ideas and insight for tackling those unique challenges faced by leaders in the not-for-profit sector. One-year subscription: $30.00 ORDER INFO